"I moved to Canada 17 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine. I left my home due to the economic collapse of Eastern Europe, with hope and opportunity in my heart. I found myself in the small city of Moncton. I did not speak any English or French when I arrived. I am a Canadian citizen, I have built a professional ballet company and I have raised my young family here in this “new home.” Immigration is not a simple change in territorial living. I am at a time now, as my family grows and as I watch from a distance as my home country Ukraine faces deep challenges and human suffering, where I am now looking back at this whole idea of immigration, escape, assimilation and living between two worlds. Immigration – these feelings, emotions – this process – is something that you carry with you for life; sometimes it is deeply sad and at times it is joyous. There are different points of connection and disconnection as we try to unify ourselves in a different language and culture"

- Igor Dobrovolskiy, Artistic Director


The summit will include Igor Dobrovolskiy’s newest work on themes of immigration.

ALIEN is an intimate exploration of the human side of immigration. As a newcomer to Canada in 2000, Igor understands well the many challenges that new immigrants face when they leave their home in search of new life.

What happens when you leave your home behind? What happens when you are out of context? What happens when you lose your identity?

Choreographer & Artistic Director, Alien

The performing arts inspire us and help us make sense of the world.​

United Nations

Stephanie Audet (Canada)
Elena Dobrowna
Elena Dobrowna (Ukraine)
Mia Byrnes
Mia Byrnes (Australia)
Biel Torra Matamala
Biel Torra Matamala (Spain)
Tristan Dobrowney
Tristan Dobrowney (Canada)
Thomas Badrock (England)
Olga Petiteau (France)
Yuriko Diyanova (Japan)
Sergiy Diyanov (Ukraine)

“I want the audience to come away with something personal – so that they recognize themselves in the dance – their own relationships and narratives. These are the touch points of accessibility, connectivity and of understanding each other as a community.”

- Igor Dobrovolskiy, Artistic Director



“Our creative practice uses ballet-art as a platform to see our world differently – in more compelling, poignant and imaginative ways.”

- Susan Chalmers-Gauvin, Founder and CEO